Electric services and reparation

With over 10 years in the industry, our qualified Auckland electricians understand the importance in offering high quality, cost effective and safe electrical solutions.Trusted partner and preferred electrician to a number of master builders in Auckland. We service all areas of Auckland so call us today to discuss your requirements and obtain a free, no obligation quote. .

Since our inception, we have grown gradually with a strong focus on customer satisfaction emphasizing on building and maintaining strong clients relationship. We have been able to establish a broad client base across all the northern states, handling customer enquiries, orders & distributions.

Orbit offers the best of both worlds, combining the personnel, resources and infrastructure necessary to deliver a complete, integrated design service with a flexible, adaptable approach that makes us very easy to work with. We have the capabilities and experience to handle major projects while giving our clients the benefit of direct communication with the engineers actually doing the work.


Orbitz has a proud record of reliability, trustworthiness and high-quality products and services, while at the same time expanding and diversifying the company’s capabilities in response to customers’ changing needs.

We are proud of our Companies Lengthy History for Reputation of Quality Service, Integrity, Professionalism, Friendly Approach and above all our Safety Record. We endeavour to be completely professional at all times and realise the importance of being in touch with our ever Changing Industry. We remain open to new ideas, Innovations and train our staff to be the engineers of tomorrow.

Quality Policy

A safe working culture is the responsibility of everyone and this can be best achieved and continuously improved through cooperative efforts of employees

We always aim at high quality products at competitive prices to its clients. Our long term goal is to exceed customers expectations by providing product that lasts longer and gives complete satisfaction to its customers. To achieve this, quality is practiced at every Stage in the manufacturing process. The materials used in our product assemblies are of very high quality which ensures reliability, durability and long life.

Contact number :  0800672489